Summer of Steven Seagal raps up with Under Siege 2. Yes, it was worth having that in full caps. Today, we take a look at the sequel to Seagal's best work, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. science fiction movies Effectively Under Siege on land, Under Siege 2 makes a lot of the same mistakes many sequels do. However.. in an action movie, does that matt… Read More

For a movie series about the Death Race coming to an end, there sure are a lot of Death Races. Death Race 2050 is Roger Corman taking the reigns back after the late 2000s early 2010s Death Race trilogy with Jason Statham. While fine movies in their own right, they really had next to nothing to do with the original 70s B-movie Death Race 2000. So Co… Read More

From RTS to MMO to novels to film, Warcraft lore is rich in detail and scope. Thing is, the film is the latest piece of that particular series of events and as such, Hollywood gotta (blog post) do what Hollywood does and figure out all the best ways to screw with the already well established lore because fuck it, it's just a video game funny movies… Read More

It's new year's, horror, science fiction, and even fits into Dinocember! What could go wrong? Well... there's that whole found footage problem, that's about as much of an issue as dating someone with (blog post) a cannibalism problem.Source: Area 407 Movie Review (blog post) - Decker ShadoMore Videos… Read More

Every time I see one of these movies, I am left wondering just how they managed to get so many sequels, because if you thought Killjoy 1 was bad OH BOY you Killjoy 2 (2002) haven't seen Killjoy 2 yet.In this installment, we get less of the clown, on less sets, with far less creativity or visibility and an even less coherent plot and less reasoning … Read More